MKTG 555 Recap

Wow! What a quarter. This course was one of the favorite that I took as an MBA at the University of Washington. The assignments were interesting, the exposure to real entrepreneurs was great, and the topics were relevant. 

As a regular TechCrunch reader I had some exposure to the entrepreneurial tech world and social media scene but I enjoyed that this class went deep into the marketing concepts and ideas that I had learned throughout graduate school. I enjoyed being able to relate to the material and the different marketing techniques that the start-ups we talked about decided to pursue. I’ve always been interested in customer acquisition and have run facebook ads and used analytics before so it was interesting when we talked about that in class. When Andy ran an ad targeted right to our class I even was thinking about how it could have more effectively reached us with a higher bid amount. The final project and check-ins were great and definitely helped drive the concepts home.

The companies that I plan to follow are primarily analytics and customer acquisition related. I am very interested in following Simply Measured and also SEOmoz. I’ve used Google Analytics many times before and I am always fascinated about the reasons people visit a website and what I can do get them to stay longer. I think following SEOmoz will show me how people get to a website and following Simply Measured will show me what they do while there. I’m excited to do more research on both companies and continue to learn ways to better market a website or company through SEO and analytics.

Thanks for a great quarter Andy!


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