MKTG 555 Thoughts

I don’t like the “goodbye parts” so I will try to keep this short and sweet. Marketing 555 has been excellent in providing a set of tools, strategies, and knowledge to apply in a startup company. It has -among all- been practical, which is a key element in our education towards the re-incorporation in the job market with a higher profile. 


As a suggestion for future courses, I would recommend to let people pursue their own company for the group project, so a lot of people don’t end up spending part of a quarter working on something that nobody in the group would like to pursue afterwards, and focusing on their own goal and potential venture instead. In addition, maybe some complimentary readings to expand subjects like SEO, adds, etc. could be a great supplement.


Having said that, I want to emphasize again that this experience and learning with Andy, the class colleagues, and the panelists has been awesome. I have learned a lot of useful stuff that I intend to apply immediately to our hotel venture. Specially, with a clear emphasis on customer acquisition, pricing, and referral. 


Long live to entrepreneurship. Those who do what they love, are the ones who usually win. 


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