Reflection for MKT 555-Cen He

In this course I learned the whole chain of doing marketing and what are ways an entrepreneur can try to guarantee the functioning of each link.  The two most important things I learned are:

First, start early and talk about your ideas to as many as people, who will usually give you a lot of inspirations for shaping your business.  “Going out of the building” will help you know how things are really going on.

Second, the social media add value on raising people’s awareness and going to market. There are many online tools an entrepreneur can access to market their business. But as so many businesses are doing marketing through online platforms, I think it becomes even more important to guarantee the quality of the product per se.

I have also learned a lot from working with my teammates on the “3DSpecs” project. I got to know how to be aware of the problem and find the niche market from certain industry. And when presenting to the investors, being clear about the problem & solution, showing how much effort you have put in and being brief and organized in presenting will leave good impression to the investors. I really appreciate what my teammates have done in this project.    

I am personally very interested in China-US relation, especially in international trade domain. So I was doing individual interview with the one of the entrepreneurs in this market, hoping that the contact will make me become more familiar with this industry and which is also a good chance for me to start building the network in this field. So as the Pacific Northwest and China are forming a long-term trading relationship, the market of international trade between these two areas is growing. With the implication, both the strategic thoughts and the specific tools I learned from this course, I will consider how get a market share with the assistant of online platforms.




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