Course Recap-Paden Roder

Overall, I learned an incredible amount in this class. This fact makes it hard to pick a “favorite thing” or “most important thing” that I learned throughout the course. However, there is one thing in particular that stuck with me better than the others.

It is important to properly identify your potential market, available market, and target market. Understand your target market will allow you to best acquire your first customers as well as help define your product/niche. Once you have honed in on your target market, your positioning and everything else follows.

Another great thing about this class was the opportunity to learn about other local startups in the Seattle area. I was fortunate to speak with the President of Presage Biosciences, Nathan Caffo as well as one of their researchers, Joey Casalini, to learn about how they are transforming the landscape of preclinical testing of cancer drugs. Talking with Mr. Caffo, I was able to see first hand how marketing strategies that we learned about in class are more than just academic.

Overall, it was a great quarter.


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