Course Recap

Andy, thanks for a quarter full of “doing.”  The frameworks and theories are undoubtedly important, but learning from the successes and more importantly, the failures of entrepreneurs has been the greatest take away from this class.

The flexibility found in MVP, the laser focus to hone in on the TAM, Joanna’s spark, Sasha’s humor, Kelly’s curiosity, Chris’s cross-industry leverage of customer acquisition and retention strategies – these are all things that can’t be found siloed in an ivory tower.  Through GiftTracker, I also learned the joy of winning potential customers and investors by enabling them to understand a problem and the market demand of that problem.  In addition, though I failed to express it well, there was great joy found in working with others with such different backgrounds.  I only wish we had more time to gain better insight into the things they all study outside of Marketing 555.

Through the lens of entrepreneurs and by executing on our own business ideas, I gained deeper insight into the start-up ecosystem and will be looking for ways to imbibe in that culture of being among energetic folks who are creating value every day.  So Andy, holler when you’re heading to a cool event or when Sasha’s hosting a party or when Golazo is offering free drinks or tickets at a soccer game!




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