Final Blog Post

Thank you Andy for your contributions and dedication to the class this quarter. I have very much enjoyed meeting with and hearing from all the guest speakers. I liked how you had guest speakers for every topic in the class and their information was very valuable. Each speaker shared great knowledge and it was great to hear their experiences – success and failures. Also, I liked how we as a team worked on a product or service and applied the topics learned in class to the project. And the panel of judges was a great idea too so that we could hear their insight and comments.

I took Entrepreneurial Strategy in the fall and I found this class to be great to take after that class. For learning more about start ups and getting to meet folks in the Seattle Start Up Community, these two classes worked well together and provided a great progression for my learning about how I can be an intrapreneur at Boeing.

The marketing strategies we learned about inbound and outbound really hit home for me when I had my interview with Scott Ruthfield from Rooster Park. It was interesting to learn from him about how relationships matter and that word of mouth advertising can go a long a way, plus it’s free! Also, I was able to really get engaged with the conversations of the guest speakers because I am watching my boyfriend work for and deal with a start up in San Francisco, Wheelz. I felt like I could retain the information and advice from the guest speakers and be able to pass on my learnings to my boyfriend while he dealt with the changing environment at Wheelz as they are going through a pivot right now.

Thanks again for the experience and allowing us to network with all the entrepreneurial leaders here in Seattle. Moving forward I do plan to research and network with more entrepreneurs like Scott Ruthfield who are in recruiting and consulting. I would like to see what it would be like to help do the hiring for a start up in the future and be able to consult a start up when they begin to create their culture.


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