Marketing 555 – Reflection and Company to follow

I enjoyed Marketing 555 class from the view of lectures and assignments. Lectures contained fulfilling theories, useful information about current trend and helpful sources. Variety of assignments help us understand how startups try to acquire and keep customers.

I had never studied marketing and do not have work experience in marketing area. The class lecture helped me to understand foundation of marketing theories and trend of marketing strategies, especially for web-based strategies. “Customer acquisition strategy” was the most interesting part of lectures for me. Effective acquisition strategy for first customers is to reach to narrowing target customers who would influence to other people, not send broad message to mass potential customers. Company should know specific characteristics, preference of potential customers to narrow down the potential customers group.  

Interview with entrepreneur was great experience for me. I did not know any entrepreneur at the beginning of the class so I should find an entrepreneur for the assignment. Therefore, I was a bit nervous when I contacted to an entrepreneur. However, as many entrepreneurs, Ms Susan Dorsch welcomed me to her office and told a lot of experiences for the assignment. She co-founded Office Nomads with Jacob Sayles and Office Nomads is a “Coworking” community in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Although she had few marketing plan at the launch, her company had gained customers and expanding the business by pivoting the marketing plan. In addition, it was interesting that she said most important things for marketing was “know myself”. In marketing class, we heard “Know your customers” many times. However, startups can not give all functions that customers want in actual world. So “Know myself” is considered as one of most important things for entrepreneurial marketing rather in addition to “know your customer”. I will follow Office Nomads and continue to see how expand both the company and “Coworking” community in Seattle.

In conclusion, I learned a lot not only in Marketing 555 classroom but also outside the classroom. They will help me to do business in the near future.


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