Exit assignment:

Before this class, I really didn’t have much knowledge of marketing or business, in general, as I have an engineering background and this was the second business class I have taken to date. In the end, I learned a great deal about marketing and how it relates to online presence, marketing to investors, acquiring customers, and keeping customers (all the basics). I really liked the examples used in class by Andy, since I often knew what companies he was mentioning (like Golazo) and this helped me see these companies in a completely different light when analyzing their marketing strategies.  As for assignments, the team project was a challenge at first, but after we knew what to incorporate (after the check-ins) everything became clearer and it ended up being the assignment that tied everything together for me.  As a group, we tried to incorporate at least one marketing strategy we learned from every class and this was extremely helpful in learning everything that Andy was presenting. Being able to learn from my group members about what kind of marketing campaign we should launch and what avenues we should use for our target market was all new to me. It took a lot of creativity and novel thinking, but it was an enjoyable experience to learn in a group setting. I also learned a great deal from the speaker panels that came in and answered all our marketing questions. The panels were a little on the tech side of business, but overall, it was nice to see how companies actually do things in practice, as opposed to theory.

A company that was introduced to me, as one of our assignments, was 500px. The first version of 500px came about back in the day when the internet was slower, when a 3.2 megapixel camera was the fad, and when 500 pixels was a good size for displaying photos on your computer monitor. Since then, 500px has been revised to correspond with newer technology; however, they still focus on providing a service to the highest quality photographers. 500px is an online photo sharing and photo selling platform that also comes in the form of an iPhone application. Before this class, I had never heard about 500px or noticed them. An interesting fact, was that I had been viewing picture feeds from 500px from my RSS feed for about a year. Now when I see a picture pop up with their logo, I know the background of the company and if I absolutely love it, I know I can go purchase a print from the original photographer online. I have also recommended 500px to a few photographer friends, some of which were already users. They have had only good things to say about it.  

Lastly, I want to thank Andy for making Mktg555 an enjoyable experience. I learned an incredible amount in this class. Maybe I’ll see ya at another Sounder’s match in the future (drinking Golazo)!

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