Take Away Thoughts

This was a very informative class over all.  I would say the top three take-aways I had were:

  1. The importance of content creation: while I had always known that social media, blogging etc. were important elements of running a business I had never gone through a full thought exercise on why these were critical.  These pieces always seemed like a “time-suck” requiring more energy than they were worth.  This class helped me see the larger value picture of how content creation helps drives free acquisitions.
  2. The importance of putting detail into your strategy for “go-to-market”:   Like one of the judges said in the last class, everyone always says, I will build the product, the magic will happen and then there will be customers.  It is easy to be vague about your marketing strategy saying “I will use social” and I will “drive customers to the website”.  This class helped me think about the first 100 customers and the very tactical methods we need to use in order to get them.
  3. Methods of Free Acquisition:  This class helped me think through bootstrap marketing.  I knew there were many avenues to free acquisition, but this class helped expose me to many new tools and methods for getting customers for free. 

One new company that I learned about through this class and will continue to follow is Dwellable.  I love to travel and am always looking for alternatives to hotels.  It will be nice to have one spot to go to which compiles all of the options for vacations rentals into one spot with an attractive user interface.  I additionally like the idea that through supporting Dwellable I will be supporting a Seattle based company.


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