Reflections for class

The marketing class is my most anticipated class under the Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate, and it didn’t fail me. Thanks for the great inputs of Andy, excellent guest speakers and classmates. I have two major take-away from this class.

  •  Information sharing is a good way to learn

I learnt a lot from the blog post assignment. The different posts from our classmates provide me with great resource to study various marketing strategies. An efficient way of learning business is to learn from real enterprises rather than the theories. We can benefit a lot from knowledge sharing. In addition, every time I searched start-ups to write their marketing strategies, I could always come across many exciting and terrific ideas. I truly realize that business opportunities could be everywhere. Sometimes I have the thoughts that market for everything has been filled by existing products or service, it is hard to come up with something new. But the hundreds of start-ups on the Geekwire tell me that business ideas are always inspired from daily life.  

  •  Marketing is very hard but extremely important

From the class, I learn systemic knowledge about marketing. My previous understanding to marketing is that marketing is all about the promotion campaign of the products or services of a company. Now I gain much more comprehensive knowledge about that. Marketing includes customer acquisition, distribution channel, customer retention and referral policies etc. In the interview, the two cofounders of Postcardly expressed that marketing is very difficult, almost everyone is doing the same thing. In order to stand out, the enterprisers must figure out new marketing methods or strategies. But never give up marketing even though you fail to gain immediate outcomes from your efforts.

 In short, the marketing class is very useful and informative. I value the platform created by all of us. I will keep reading the valuable company profiles and their marketing strategies via the blog. It should be of great usefulness. 


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