Looking Ahead to Fall 2013

The fall quarter is less than 3 months away, so I wanted to post a few items for some of the entrepreneurs and marketers who will be joining us to help out.

The core theme of the class is to provide students 4 different opportunities to interact with entrepreneurs and learn about entrepreneurial marketing.  The consist of the following:

  1. The Go To Market Plan: In week 1 (October 6), the class will select 9-10 new products that they are going to “take to market” as group projects.  The process starts with a Startup Weekend style pitching and voting process.  Instead of building a product during the quarter, they will build the marketing plan.  These projects will be worked on throughout the quarter, and each group will have a “coach” they work with and check in with before Week 4, Week 7 and then before their presentation in Week 10.  This is a fictional product, but we’ll use all the real tools learned in class to develop a real plan. So we are looking for 10 coaches for a time commitment of about 3-4 hours total.
  2. A Real World Project or Profile: Students will have the opportunity to work with a real entrepreneur, either profiling them for the class blog, or working on a small project for them. This should give the student 1 on 1 time with an entrepreneur. The time commitment on this is around 1-3 hours (per student), based on how much direction you want to give the student.
  3. Weekly Panels: Each week, we’ll invite 2-3 entrepreneurs to join in a panel discussion led by one of the student teams. Students will have the opportunity to contact these experts ahead of time to help build out their questions. The groups will also recap each panel in text and/or video for the class blog.
  4. Blog Posts About Specific Marketing Topics: Throughout the quarter, students will write short blog posts highlighting the marketing tactics of start-ups.  They’ll be encouraged to outreach to the CEO’s and Marketers via social media and email to see if they can get a quote or clarification.

If work with a current start-up or have experience in entrepreneurial marketing, and would like to have your company represented in the class please send an email to arboyer <at> uw (dot) edu.  We are looking for a wide range of people with diverse backgrounds and who cover many industries.


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