10 Days to Kickoff

Welcome back to school and the start of the 2013/2014 year.  Here are some quick updates for you:

1) Textbook: I’ve never assigned a textbook before, but we’re going to be reviewing a lot of material from Steve Blank.  I strongly suggest that if you are interested in entrepreneurship, especially in technology, that you purchase “The Four Steps to the Epiphany” which you can get from Amazon. It’s only $25.00.  We wont be using material from the entire book, but you’ll hear Steve’s name a lot so the book is worth reading.

2) Bring Your Product Ideas: As a reminder, on the first day of class, EVERYONE is going to have one minute to pitch an idea for a new product or company, and the class is going to vote on the 8 or 9 that we build marketing plans for this quarter. No idea is too crazy – you’ll just need to identify a market and build a plan for it by the end of the quarter. If you have any questions, please email me.

3) Speaker ideas: I am bringing some great guests to class to participate in panel Q+A.  However, if you have colleagues, mentors or just ideas for people with incredible entrepreneurial marketing minds, please feel free to recommend them to me.  The entrepreneurial community extends far past my network, and I’m always excited to bring in more people.

4) Class 1 Panel: I’m very excited to announce the 3 panelists who will kick off class this year.  During the first hour of class, I’ll lead a discussion about what is trending in the start-up scene right now.

  • Rebecca Lovell is a Foster Alum, and the Interim Executive Director of the Northwest Entrepreneur Network. She has also been the CBO at Geekwire and CEO of Vittana.org.
  • Kevin Croy is also a Foster Alum and a Partner at 9Mile Labs, an Incubator located on the Eastside.
  • And finally, Kelly Smith is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. His investment firm Curious Office has been involved with investments in companies such as Moz, Sparkbuy and Shelfari, and he has founded and been CEO of Rocketvox (sold to thePlatform), Imagekind (sold to CafePress) and Zapd (sold to RealSelf).

If you haven’t come up with an idea by the time you get to class, hopefully this discussion will get the wheels spinning.

Email me with any questions.  See you 10/1.


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