eVenues – a one-stop shop for your next event space!

Planning meetings and events can be a real pain in the neck, especially if you need to procure and book a space to accomodate your group.  Traditional space rental involves meetings with property managers, term negotiation and contract agreements.  Well, no more!  We all have a tool available that matches those with event space rental needs to companies with event space available.

eVenues is an online service that aggregates available meeting and event space, offers its customers a free tool to book on-demand meeting and event space, without the hassle of negotiating terms, or requiring a long term lease of space.  On the flip side, eVenues offers space owners an easy way to monetize their underutilized meeting and event space.

The company was created in 2008 after it’s founder, David Jennings, was looking for short term classroom space for his venture at the time, DiscoverU.  He realized there was no viable online solution in the market for finding and booking on-demand event space (meeting rooms, classrooms, etc).  And the meetings business is nothing to scoff at.  According to bizjournals.com, meetings were a $90 billion per year market in 2011.  eVenues initially launched in Seattle, WA with the goal of connecting small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups with short term available meeting space.  

Since its founding, eVenues has expanded to serve a broader target market that includes individual party & event planners, commercial real estate and hotels.  Strategic partnerships with companies like Regus have increased eVenues’ space offerings. eVenues’ free software provides all space managers with a tool to manage the bookings of their available space, which is especially useful for commercial property managers.  The company has also expanded their offering to include both self and full service booking options, in addition to expanding service to target major cities across the United States.   

So when you are looking for your next space rental, whether it be for a business meeting, a conference, a class or shin-dig, check out eVenues!



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