Want to send someone afar a ‘cheers’ drink or a yummy bite? Gift via “GRATAFY”

Gratafy is a unique social gifting platform that allows a user to remotely send food and drinks from an exclusive list of restaurants, bars, and nightlife venues in specific cities (Seattle and Los Angeles for now), that’s delivered immediately via email, text, or Facebook to the person the user chooses to. The app works hand-in-glove with Facebook and the mobile app is currently available for all iPhone and Android users.

Gratafy is targeting all those young users who have friends dispersed across different regions and merchants who want to break away from the traditional four wall marketing. For young adults who believe in celebrating occasions with distant friends, family or relatives, are comfortable with social media and want a fancy gift for a rather cheap price, Gratafy is the new mantra. Not only can they send someone more than a text or a ‘happy’ message, but can keep up with the gifting tradition without compromising on budget. For Merchants, who want to market themselves with least investment, what better way than using social media via Gratafy and getting out in front of a larger crowd gaining higher traction!!

The current population of young adults in the US between 15 to 24 years is approx. 14% and between 25-40 years is about 22%. Overall US population is about 313 Mi. Assuming that about 90% of these age groups use smartphones and access social networking sites, the market size appears to be about 102 Mi with a growth rate of 0.9%.

The initial target cities are Seattle and LA. Seattle being the home town of founders and LA being the party/social town, Gratafy is keeping business close to home and targeting venues that are popular & socially active. Within these two cities, they are targeting medium to high end merchants/businesses and catering to adults who would spend evenings socializing at these venues.


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