“KORRIO” Market Opportunity, Segmentation, and Analysis

Korrio (www.korrio.com) is an online software firm that supports sports-related organizations and activities.  Korrio boldly declares itself as “the ONE place to organize and share your sports life.”  They intend to do this by simplifying and/or automating many of the painful and time consuming registration, payment, and scheduling activities necessary for any successful sports team, organization and events.  Further, all those activities are integrated into their single integrated platform.

Korrio’s functionality and activity management concept does not appear limited any particular sport or demographic.  However, from online player testimonials to MLS clientele, the world’s favorite sport is clearly central to Korrio’s marketing strategy as well as its initial success in establishing its online presence.  While the professional sports affiliation plays well in establishing immediate credibility and demonstrating the robustness of Korrio’s value proposition, their core market segment is community- and school-based sports leagues.   This demographic ranges from toddlers to the elderly, but will certainly be most pertinent with school-aged children, and more specifically, their parents and coaches.

Korrio’s walks a fine line between B2B and B2C marketing.  While it markets to sports organizations and derives its revenues from sports clubs and organizations which pay an annual fee per player, their ultimate success is largely dependent on players’ and their families’ willingness to accept the increase in fees as the cost is passed down to them in exchange for access once their team’s site it is established.  Thus far Korrio’s strategy appears well founded and executed.  Time will tell whether Korrio can grow beyond soccer and maintain relevance on a national scale in the fast-paced online sports team management space that grows more competitive every day.


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