Rivet and Sway-Stylish Glasses for Women

Rivet and Sway is an online store proving one stop Stylish Glasses for Women. What make Rivet and Sway different from the other online glasses stores?

  • Girls only!
  • They offer smartly designed collection and personal stylist frame.
  • $199 includes the frame and lenses.
  • Free home try-on 3 pairs.
  • Higher stand 1.60 lenses (thinner and lighter)
  • Fast 2 day shipping.

The prices of these kinds of glasses was considered to be premium items, even the insurance will cover large part of the expense. Normally the consumer still need to pay over $140 for this standard lenses only in optical stores! Nowadays, Prescription glasses has transformed from vision correction to fashion item as designer bags, shoes, clothing and jewelries, especially for women. During the past 2 years, as e-commerce gets prosperous, many consumers choose to turn to online stores instead of optical store with higher price and longer waiting time.

According to IBIS world, the annual growth (08-13) for clearer vision industry is around 2.1% to $10 B in revenue and this growing trend will hold and grow for next couple of years. Aging us people will continue to drive the market. Especially, the consumers who work in tech industry and other occupations, which require more interfaces with computer and reading. This market shows a prosperous growing tend.  Anna is a represented targeted consumer for Rivet and Sway. She represents the segment of the market that Rivet and Sway attempts to reach first. Let’s get to know Anna.

Anna is a 32 yrs old single professional girl who works in wells Fargo as an account manger with $85,000 annual pre-tax income.  She rents an apartment in downtown Seattle and drives a mini cooper to go to work everyday. She loves reading and movies. Sometimes she goes to Seattle local museum with friends on the weekend. She also loves shopping online which saves her a lot of time. As a fashion girl, she wears contact glasses a lot. However, frame glasses is a must have. Especially in the past 2 years, Plastic large frame became a fashion icon for girls and it’s more comfortable than contact glasses!


One thought on “Rivet and Sway-Stylish Glasses for Women

  1. Love that Rivet & Sway is featured on the MKTG 555 blog. Very, very cool and truly honored that we’re getting noticed at UW. Let me know if I can ever provide insights on entrepreneurship or on Rivet & Sway!

    John Lusk
    Rivet & Sway: Founder

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