Add3 (           is an advertising firm focused on Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Media Buying.  Brian Rauschenbach, co-owner of Captain Blacks and 95 Slide, among other ventures, founded Add3 in 2010.  Originally, the company also built websites for clients but has narrowed focus to search advertising.  According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, Add3 is the 12th largest advertising agency in the area.

Clients are both large and small companies, ranging from Costco and AT&T to Zumiez and Smilebox.  According to IBIS World, Digital Advertising in the United States is a $12.6 billion industry which will grow 6.5% annually through 2018.  Of that, 47% or $5.9 billion is SEM and SEO.  The largest segments are retail, at 27% and financial services, at 18%

From the website it is evident that Add3 is less concerned with the type of client but rather is seeking a client ready to take the next steps toward optimizing their online advertising.  They rely on data and metrics, testing, fast deployment and reporting to stay on top of a rapidly evolving landscape.  From this information, it appears they targeting clients experienced in digital advertising but seeking a next level experience.  Retailers appear to be the largest group of clients but they are not limited to serving those clients.

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