AN APP to explore creation

I downloaded the app- Paper in Apple Store two years ago and I still kept it on my Ipad, thus I had a relatively intimate perspective of this company. I didn’t realize it would become a company- Fifty Three ( My first experience with Paper was very great. I like that the app emphasizes creation and the essence of paper. Since I am that kind of person who likes drawing and designing, the app fits my need very well. However there is one disadvantage, which is the free limited function. The free version only includes very few pencils and colors. I would need to spend a lot of money if I want to explore my ideas and make it very fancy on Paper. From the perspective of a former customer, the limited function of free version is a great barrier, which blocks a large portion of potential customers.

After looking at the website of this company- 53, I got to know more about their vision. They focus on the Ipad users who are makers, creators, discoverers and original thinkers. Since 83.95 million Ipads are sold, at least half of the market could be targeted for Paper. As they claims that this app is simple and beautiful, it won some awards, including the APP of the year 2012. Later on, they extend the function of printing to turn the drawing into reality, thus expand the market to printing market. However, they fail to provide compatible versions for other tablet computers.

As a new and small company, the functions, design and user experience are developed very well, the target customer and business model is very clear, however, providing more free functions and compatible versions could attract more customers and then expand the market share. Also, since the app- Paper is the only product that they are working on and it is so successful, I suggest that they could develop more relevant products.


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