BddyTV is an online entertainment website that publishes news and comments about popular shows. The idea was from the lack of  and social experience of the TV shows. Two students from U of Penn came up with the idea of Buddy TV that organized the shows and provide a place for people who follow the show to express their feeling at watching. And it combines audio broadcasts with  online comments and forums.

People love their TV shows, and they love to share their feeling with other people who also following the show even more. BuddyTV provided such a place, thus entertainment companies, for example TV networks, would like to partner with Buddy TV for the following reasons:  1) increase popularity- getting people talk about the show, 2) Improve the product- collecting feedback from their customers on what they like or dislike about the story, 3) acquire customers- storing customer data and then segmenting them.

The market is still growing since mobile (smartphone/tablets) join. Now more and more people watch online or through their mobile device. BuddyTV already developed an App on Iphone system to capture customers from recommending the show, pursuing followers involve in the blogs discussion then making the followers watch more. Let’s use “The Voice” as an example. The clip of “The Morgan Twins: Fallin” had about 0.9 millions views on youtube.com. If BuddyTV had a link connect their website to this clip, it could gain huge traffic from youtube, which is a super expensive channel to develop.  Moreover, if BuddyTV can  start a well conversation on the bog, it can easily get viewers to involve in the conversation then increased the retention rate-to follow the show. It is no doubt that the market is there and it is huge, but online business needs big investments on advertising and operations to increase traffic and customer base. And the competition is also high. BuddyTV shares facebook link that converts and transfers some traffic to Facebook. This is risky because facebook had better and larger social connection tools compared to BuddyTV. Traffic that moved to facebook might never come to BuddyTV. They need traffic and keep viewers actively discuss the series on the site to gain attention from the TV network companies and advertisement companies to partner with BuddyTV.







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