Carena – Online doctors whenever you need them 24-7

Carena provides cost effective, high quality medical care and diagnosis whenever you need it at an affordable price. They do this through telemedicine – visits with medical practitioners through phone calls, webcams, and even house calls in some areas. They work with your primary care physician and are not a replacement for your family doctor. Ultimately, they are providing a service that can save members time, money, and worry by answering (urgent) questions through telemedicine rather than trips to the ER and Urgent Care.
Their current market is regional as they are currently only serving California, Illinois, Missouri and Washington State. They state they have over 500,000 members in addition to providing access to California, Illinois, and Washington. Their marketing materials seem to be focused on two different audiences: (1) Large companies that can afford 24-7 healthcare services as an added perk to employees in addition to standard health insurance and (2) clinics and hospitals that could use the 24 hour service to differentiate their system and increase the capacity of their facilities.
They are attempting to reach a premium segment of the market that sees the value of this additional perk to existing healthcare systems. This part of the market (the telehome market) was valued at nearly $2.9 billion in 2010 and is considered to be the fasted growing portion of the telemedicine industry. Though, the passing and implementation of the Affordable Care Act will put a larger burden on existing healthcare infrastructure. The telehospital/clinic market had an estimated value of $6.9 billion in 2010 and was expected to grow at a slower rate than telehome, but with this new legislation that rate will improve.
Carena can only expect to take on a sliver of this total addressable market due to its limited geographic reach. That said, the changes in the healthcare industry will drive faster adoption rates than previously expected and Carena is positioned well to grow with these industry trends.


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