Flash Volunteer-Let everyone engaged in volunteer service

ImageFlash Volunteer is a web-based engagement portal for volunteering that allows users to find volunteer opportunities and create their own volunteer events to support. It provides online management tools for neighborhood-focused volunteer opportunities, empowering Seattleites to participate more fully in regular, sustainable volunteer service.


Clearly concentrating on target customers: lowering barriers to participation

With the development of the second-generation engagement platform (FV2.0), Flash Volunteer intends to move community service opportunities off the desktop and into the hands of potential volunteers who want to discover and share their upcoming events in real-time while on the go. Built on a map-based interface that utilizes a binary event organization system, FV2.0 allows users to post, discover and sign-up for events with minimal hassle. It uses the power of social media to create opportunities for Cause Crowds, flash-mob-style volunteer events. By including qualifying opportunities from VolunteerMatch’s network of more than 1,700 Seattle-area member nonprofits, the integration gives local nonprofits more ways to find volunteers for their events.


Unique and easy to promote

It’s building one-of-a-kind mobile and web-based tools that empower volunteers, nonprofits and corporate social responsibility programs to make the world a better place through integration with the social graph and the power of gamification.  If Flash Volunteer can complete all development for the website and related smartphone applications, it would launch here in Seattle while providing the opportunity for communities around the country to start their own versions of Flash Volunteer via built-in, user-friendly scalability tools.


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