Healthentic- Wellness Data for CFOs

Medical insurance claims. Dental claims. Disability claims. Vision claims. Healthentic ( is working to wrangle the mountains of data that healthcare claims produce and funnel it into a “Wellness Decision Engine”. This tool determines a specific course of action for companies to take regarding their wellness plans, identifying the areas where a wellness program will have the most impact. The decision engine divides you employee population into “Healthy”, “Preventable” and “Chronic” classifications, and tells you what percentage of that population got worse over the past quarter. By identifying the trends within your employee population, you can tailor your wellness plan to target specific conditions that are effecting you most.

Targeting employers with 500 employees or more, Healthentic has about 19,000 companies to work with according on US Census Bureau data. However, breaking into the largest companies may a big stretch for a new technology, so taking out the companies with over 10,000 employees, Healthentic still has about 18,000 companies to target in the US.

By focusing on marketing to the traditional Benefits Manager market, they are preaching to the choir. These people have believed in the promise of a wellness program delivering real healthcare savings for years. However, Healthentic is now delivering the piece that CFO’s require- data to prove an ROI and a clear dashboard that combines many data sources into a usable set of information.  By targeting benefits managers with a pitch that also speaks to CFOs, Healthentic has a chance to bridge the understanding gap that benefits managers typically have with the financially-minded executives and take wellness initiative from a “nice to have” to a “must have”.


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