Korrio – One size fits all.

Korrio (http://www.korrio.com/) is a Seattle-based startup that provides an integrated online platform to organize and connect all involved in youth sport. According to Korrio, participation in organized youth sports in America has reached an unprecedented 45 million kids – more than four times the number of participants twenty years ago. And for every child playing on an organized sports team, there’s any number of supporting players, each of which face different challenges in providing the best possible experience. Korrio’s target market includes all those involved in supporting these young athletes – administration, coaches and families – aiming to serve each segment through an innovative one-size fits all system which is easily tailored to meet the specific needs of each segment.

Despite its integrated approach to enhancing experiences across segments, Korrio’s attempts to spark early adoption seem to be focused at the organization/club level. Organizational administrators provide an access point to users and ultimately make the decision of whether or not to adopt the Korrio system. Administrators in these organizations are often volunteers with busy lives of their own – so a product that saves them time and energy could be very appealing. Also, Korrio’s pricing scheme, a small annual pay-per-player fee, allows for easy integration into organizational/club dues.


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