Pikaba-ask for anything you want.

Pikaba is a online shopping platform for consumers to purchase goods on the internet. Pikaba captures customers purchase intention and connects sellers and service providers to match different needs. If you need something, you can take advantage of Pikaba’s platform and post your request, or you can search among the existing products or services to meet your need. If you want to sell anything to others, you can also post it on Pikapa, even create a store to start your business using the solutions built by Pikaba’s platform without spending plenty of time and money.

Pikaba is for people who want to save time and money for shopping by offering a place to create and manage your own marketplace using the technology support and admin control.It is not like other traditional e-commerce such as eBay or Amazon. We log on these websites and search for things we need. Usually those are already provided buy merchants.

With the platform of Pikapa, we can ask for anything we want instead of spending time for searching. All we need to do is to post a request then wait for sellers even with special offers and deals. It changes the way we shop online and makes the marketplace be inclined to the shoppers. Another advantage of Pikaba is that customers can easily create communities to share with friends and get better deals from merchants.



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