Meteor Entertainment – Striking with Free-to-Play games as the Iron gets Hot

The objective of Meteor Entertainment is to “…help our development partners create the best gaming experiences possible.” Broken down to its most basic elements, this means that Meteor drives both the publishing and distribution channels for its respective games. As a lifelong gamer myself, I must admit that the allure of a free-to-play first person shooter (FPS) is very high. This is why Meteor Entertainment’s marquee release, Hawken, is such an exciting platform by which this emerging gaming market can be put to the test.

I think that Meteor is going after an amalgamation of both the FPS market and online gaming market. To give a better idea of the FPS market, one needs not look further than the success of both the Halo and Call of Duty franchises, as each new release surpasses $100’s of millions in revenue after only one day. Stepping back a bit, the current market for the entire video game industry is rapidly approaching $70 billion. With the decline of retail software developers and the ascension of the online gaming market at close to $25 billion, there appears to be growing opportunities in this segment. Given this, I would estimate their specific market to be between $25 and $50 billion.

Of note is the relative controversy that surrounds the free-to-play gaming market. Is it really free if you end up with nothing more than a glorified demo that requires either real dollars or an unrealistic amount of in-game play to unlock the full potential of the game? Only time will tell if the approach of Meteor and its beautifully-developed games like Hawken will overcome the nuanced differences of the free-to-play marketplace vs. the traditional pay-to-play approach.


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