Spiral Genetics: Putting the Tech back into Science and Technology

Since the advent of thSpiral-Logoe human genome project, costs of whole genome sequencing have plummeted from $100 mill in 2001 to about $5000 in 2013. The sudden affordability of whole genome sequencing has made it somewhat commonplace in science. With somewhere around 6 billion data points from each human genome it can get to be information overload for researchers.

This is where Spiral Genetics comes in.  The Seattle based company founded in 2009 to provide a software platform for scientists, academic or otherwise, that are stuck under mountains of sequence data. Their main competition being open source code that is “need-developed” software–not built for speed or efficiency but for basic function. Which is essentially the same as scrubbing your floor with a toothbrush. Without the correct tools, progress stagnates.

According to a recent article on gigaom (article) Spiral boasts whole human genome analysis in 3 hours which is, “40 times faster than what it might take others”. That kind of time savings could mean a major increase in productivity later in the pipeline. Investors tend to agree considering that, as of mid-march, Spiral genetics has raised $3.7 mil in a combination of angel investments and first round venture capital investments (Draper Fisher Jurvetson venture firm, see article in xconomy).

Although Spiral started with their sights on human genome studies, they don’t plan to stop there. They aim to use their software for genome sequencing across all species and see a potential market in the agricultural space. A quick visit to http://www.spiralgenetics.com/ exhibits a diverse array of product offerings that mirrors their anticipated client base.


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