Just another “me too” gifting platform – InVibe

InVibe is yet another social gifting platform, app that allows a user to gift food and drinks from afar via email, text, or Facebook.

The service is positioned as a “micro-gifting” tool for food and drinks. It is designed for users who want to gift their friends something special while they are remote.

Their value proposition highlights the e-gifting mechanism for on-the-go products. They call out the value that the retailers have with this model, which is, selling products to potential customers using InVibe i.e. marketing at a low cost.

They haven’t really done a good job of defining who their target customer segment (s) are, what the frame of reference is, why they are different (say from someone like Gratafy) or what’s unique about their service that the user should select them over other services. They also fail to call out what their selling point is that can attract potential customers. I don’t see a clear product differentiation between InVibe and its competitors like Gratafy.


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