Rivet & Sway – The Joy of Buying Specs Online

Rivet & Sway just launched in August 2013. The Seattle based company provides female shoppers with an easy way to buy prescription eyeglasses online: Browsing by face shape, color or size while even getting fit advice from a personal stylist, customers may choose any three frames from the exclusive collection. Rivet & Sway offers free 2-days delivery, allowing to try the frames on at home. After returning the demo frames, customers can easily order their favorite pair of glasses online. For $199. One word: JOY. See how it works.

Rivet & Sway Boxing, 3 pairs of Demo Specs –
(c) jennyonthespot.com

Prescription eyeglasses – a $16 billion consumer market

The prescription eyeglass market is a $16 billion consumer market. With just three percent of sales in the prescription eyeglass market taking place online at this point, CEO John Lusk sees big opportunities ahead. Having recently raised $2 million from investors, Rivet & Sway also plans to expand into sunglasses later this year.

Rivet & Sway – the only eyewear brand focusing exclusively on women

While other companies target a male and female audience, Rivet & Sway decided to focus on the latter. After investing heavily in research on women’s shopping experience for specs, they found that:

Woman can’t stand the traditional process for buying glasses. They view it as a painful errand that takes too much time and isn’t satisfying, especially when compared to shopping for shoes or a handbag. And most of these women hated the fact that they were spending $300 – $800 on an experience that just wasn’t that easy or fun.”

The clue: Rivet & Sway started with a target audience and built the entire offer and brand architecture around that audience, not vice-versa.

Creative Retail Channels

The retail experience plays a central role in the company’s strategy. Rivet & Sway started with the online channel currently offering 105 different types of glasses.


Besides, the Rivet & Sway’s showroom in Seattle marks the first step on the road to creative offline distribution. It gives female customers the possibility to check out the collection and/or have their current glasses adjusted.

Rivet & Sway plans to lock-up additional offline distributions to strengthen their competitive advantage. Having a well-defined target group will eventually allow for a range of creative offline distribution channels. Besides, communication with women through female-dominated online media such as Pinterest will be crucial.


One thought on “Rivet & Sway – The Joy of Buying Specs Online

  1. Hi there! Just saw your blog post about Rivet & Sway and loved it! Just wanted to point out that Rivet & Sway was actually launched in August 2012, and Sarah Bryar is currently the CEO of the company. Also, if you haven’t seen it check out the newest Rivet & Sway venture – Specs on Wheels a pop-up boutique built on a tricycle!

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