7 cups of tea: When you need to talk to someone

7 cups of tea is a platform for emotional support.  This platform works like a bridge between people who need to talk and people who really listens and provides emotional support.


Traditionally, people may find emotional supports from their family, friends or professional therapy. However, sometimes they don’t want to embarrass themselves in front of the people they care about and they might worry about the judgment. Therapy, on the other hand is costly and not convenient all the time.  You have to make an appointment ahead. As we all know it hard to control emotion and once we miss that point, we may really hard to recall all that feelings.

7 cups of tea found this gap as an opportunity. They build the new market for the users mentioned as above.  At the same time, this platform also serves these two types of listeners. For the listener, you can volunteer your time or charge whatever you want. The only thing need to do is call for pick up the phone on the time you signed in.

This idea is fantastic and inspiring. The most important thing is they use the most direct and easiest way to communicating to their target customer.  Very easy to understand and remember. Very powerful!

If you are looking for some answers, you turn to Google.

If you are looking for friends, you turn to Facebook.

If you are looking for someone to listen, you turn to 7 cups of tea.




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