A New Era in Genetic Counseling.

Nature counsyl_small_blueversus nurture is constantly called into question in diseases from schizophrenia to multiple sclerosis. For other diseases, like cystic fibrosis, there is a well-known genetic component.  For these types of diseases, genetic testing becomes quite valuable.

When it comes to personalized genetic testing for preventative medicine and ancestry 23andMe has a pretty good handle on the market. However, there are other companies popping up with value propositions tailored towards a different demographic: Couples and adults interested in having children.

Counsyl is one such company and their value proposition is the first thing you see when you visit their website: “Counsyl, The first step to a healthy pregnancy: Babies with genetic disease are often born to healthy parents. The Counsyl Test gives you insight to a healthy future.” Not only is their website well put together and easy to navigate, it also tells a story.

Communication with their target group is accomplished, but I think counsyl has limited their demographic. Their service is directed towards adults of childbearing age and requires a doctor visit. Without insurance, the test has a $600 price tag per adult. All of these facts somewhat limit the service to people that have health insurance. Although this shrinks their market, involving healthcare and health insurance may add some legitimacy to their platform.


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