LookNook- Affordable Interior Design

LookNook was founded in 2012, using technology to provide clients expert interior design guidance without costly fees. On its website, it has “LookNook provides expert design guidance without costly design fees, empowering you to transform your space…and your life” on its Twitter main page. LookNook’s founder Rachel Guest is an award-winning interior designer. She first used technology helped her design, and during that she found her clients’ interests in such process and she considered to launch this tech to broader customer base. Not everyone who wanted design have the time or resources to find a designer. Rachel together with other five designers launched LookNook website to allow customers to choose the style they like, LookNook will calculate the cost and ship the furniture to customers. Conveniences and affordable design are two attraction points of LookNook.  

Giving the well-organized front end website, LookNook is able to describe the services very well. On their website, the customers can easily find the designers’ biography, how to use the service, Q&A, contact info. LookNook communicates successfully with the customers who land their website or contact the company. LookNook uses social media- update FB new post on a daily bases to increase customer awareness and reach to the potential customers, it has 1,781 likes and 100 people talk about LookNook. It also actively posts on Twitter to introduce its new products and services. How could it attract more traffic will directly affect the successfulness of communication.


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