SleepQuest- Caring for Sleep Apnea from Testing to Wellness

SleepQuest is an online and brick and mortar business, calling themselves a “Total Sleep Management Company” dealing with the sleep disorder Sleep Apnea.

They are positioned as the repository of all aspects of sleep apnea care, using ”emerging technologies, ambulatory testing and treatment, the internet, and mass education in order to bring effective and affordable sleep care to the long-ignored sufferers of Sleep Apnea”. SleepQuest’s value proposition is to be the one stop shop for all your sleep apnea needs, from the time you decide you need testing to treatment to support groups of others with the same condition. They integrate a sleep lab where you can be diagnosed with sleep apnea and a medical device store where you can purchase the equipment needed to treat your condition.

By targeting a very narrow population and addressing sleep apnea patients’ needs through the entire spectrum of care, SleepQuest is learning about their target market in incredible detail. By understanding the condition and treatment lifecycle, SleepQuest can anticipate the upcoming needs of their customer and market their products in an ultra-targeted way. They can also gather consumer research data through monitoring of their hosted community support message boards.

SleepQuest has a unique opportunity to harness the power of integrated data that is typically spread throughout the fragmented healthcare system and use that data to personalize a marketing plan for each of their customers.


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