Spoon.net is positioning themselves as the application that allows you to store all your software in the cloud so that it can be accessed anywhere.  My guess is that their positioning statement is something like:

“For the mobile and distributed team, Spoon.net is the collaboration tool that allows teams to collaborate on projects because spoon stores all application files in the cloud and is easily accessed from any device.”

Spoon’s positioning in the Market is a cloud based virtual workplace that facilitates collaboration or device moving.  This is different from dropbox or google drive in that they are supporting applications rather than just files.  

Are they doing a good job?  I’m not sure.  It seems unclear who their target market is.  This is exemplified in their pricing page.  Their pricing plans have four options, Basic (free), Personal ($12/month), Pro ($19/month), and Team ($99/month).  But there is also an Enterprise option which is $7k annually.  


It is unclear who they are selling to.  What type of collaborating team will purchase something that costs 99/month? Is it for students?  Is it for small businesses?  Who are the people looking for these products?  


It does not seem clear who would be their market competitor and how they would position themselves against that competitor.  Are they a better option than dropbox?  Do they allow you to save on devices?  Do they allow you to save on software license?  

It’s a neat concept and they are obviously gaining some market traction, but they could do some work on their positioning.


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