weddingful – your one stop destination for planning your wedding



Are you getting married and want to cut out a lot of the time it takes to plan, research and select all of the details for your big day?  You’re in luck, because you can take care of booking all or part of your wedding online at weddingful!

weddingful is a one stop online social marketplace positioned to help brides and grooms book their wedding details online.  Founded in 2010, weddingful’s mission is to power and enable a new generation of savvy online vendors and brides.

With vendors to choose from across 20 categories of wedding planning (venues, planners, photographers, music, etc.) weddingful offers value to brides and grooms by facilitating immediate bookings and purchases with over 6,000 vendors across more than 60 cities in the US and Canada.  weddingful also features a social networking newsfeed, where users can see what other brides and grooms in the weddingful community are viewing, providing information on the latest trends as well as inspiration for brides and grooms looking for ideas.  weddingful also offers the opportunity to request free samples from vendors, so brides can actually try products or vendors before they buy them.

weddingful is building it’s online presence through the now standard social networking channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the weddingful blog, but also via traditional wedding information channels.  Most recently the weddingful team participated in the Vancouver Wedding Show.  weddingful was also featured in Huffington Post Canada’s blog.  weddingful is reaching more and more of their target customers, as the company saw a 900% increase in traffic growth recently.  Now it’s all about keeping that momentum going.  That, and equipping brides and grooms with all of the tools and information in one place to create their dream day.

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