Zephyr Sleep Technologies: A Breeze of Relief from the West

Zephyr Sleep Technologies has a mission that “…is committed to the research, design and development of innovative, scientifically-validated and medically-proven products and services to monitor, analyze, and improve sleep performance and effectiveness.” They are firmly positioned in sleep disorder analysis and product solutions marketplace in both Canada and the United States. Further, they are looking at product expansion into European, Asian, and South American markets. Additionally, they place a strong emphasis on clinical trials out of their Calgary, Alberta location.

There are four key value tenants put forth by Zephyr (paraphrased below):

  • Improved health/well-being for patients with sleep issues
  • Use proven, research-supported technologies in product development
  • High quality and safety
  • Marketplace partnering will lead to innovative solutions

I would characterize the success of Zephyr in communicating to their target customer in two distinct categories. The first being their use of website and messaging, which I believe is both comprehensive and effective at conveying their purpose to the target audience. The second would be direct marketing and outreach to the potential client base. I believe that their most recent round of secured funding as well as their participation at the 2012 SLEEP Conference in Boston are excellent beginnings in this arena, but only time will tell how effective and expansive their market communication will become.


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