7 cups of tea

7 cups of tea position itself as a market place for emotional support. People contact them when they need to talk to someone without worrying about being judged or spending too much time or money on therapy.

Competing with traditional therapy, in my opinion, 7 cups of tea provides two value propositions: One is convenience. When people have problems, sometimes they are afraid of being judged, they usually go to therapist. With 7 cups of tea, people don’t have to face the inconvenience. They don’t have to make an appointment according to the therapist’s schedule; neither do they need to drive to the therapist’s office. They simple need to pick up the phone and make a call, at any time they feel like talking.

The other is affordability. 7 cups of tea hire mental health professionals who have passed a background check, screening interviews and taken advanced classes. However, they charge at a much lower rate, which eases one of most people’s concerns when considering going to therapy.

I think 7 cups successfully communicated its idea- to solve people’s one problem at a time. Simple and to the point. Convenience and affordability are the key factors to make a service business successful nowadays. Examples are Lyft, Airbnb, etc.


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