Positioning: For niche cereal creatives, Cerealize is the food platform that delivers custom cereal creations because only Cerealize empowers the consumer to create a fully custom cereal experience. 

Value proposition: Whether you are a picky eater (or your 6 year old child is), have specific dietary restrictions, or want to give a gift to someone who has everything, then Cerealize is for you.  You customize the cereal and the box.

I think they could be successful in communicating with their target customer.  If people discover Cerealize, they would discover the potential of custom breakfast cereal.  The website notes that this is currently a side project, not a full on business and they are sourcing base ingredients from a local grocery co-op (Rainbow in SF) so this is not scalable.  However, they are clear that this is for people who have a need (picky child or dietary restrictions) and/or the will (creative breakfasters and gift-givers) to part with $10 for a rather small-looking box of cereal.  It’s very niche, the website currently not enabled to take orders, but you can create your own custom flavor and log in with your Facebook profile.  

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