chalking it up to Chalkable

Chalkable is a communication tool between teachers and students in grades K-12.  Their platform does away with pesky paper, messy handwriting, and a even trying to talk to students face to face – replacing it with easy online apps. The platform’s apps offer useful tools for communicating feedback+questions, performance, and scheduling for a busy school schedule for both the student and the teacher.

The value proposition is to be able to communicate with students online and make it easy to navigate assignments. The teacher can respond directly to common homework questions for the entire class, and the teacher can also provide an individualized note for each student to personalize the feedback.

I’m a big fan of watching a video explain all the features of a platform or application – it’s the company’s opportunity to speak to their target market. Chalkable’s video (at the top of their home page) demonstrates the full capabilities of the platform with a story:

A student is struggling in school, and we see his grades worsening, we see the feedback the teacher gives him, and we see the motivation she gives him to try harder. The story has a happy ending when the student sends his college acceptance letter to the teacher using Chalkable’s attachment feature on its internal communication app. 



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