EventSlice is an online platform that brings event venues and professionals together to help people plan their event. EventSlice positions themselves as “The New way to book and pay for Event Space + Event Professionals all in one marketplace.”

Their value proposition is that EventSlice brings venues and event professional services together, creating a “one stop hub that brings everything you need and makes it easy to plan your event.” They claim that their service is easy to use and manage, helping to save time and money. EventSlice owns the transaction from start to finish by allowing people to search and pay for venues, florists, DJs, etc. There are four simple steps:

  1. Plan you event
  2. Find ideal venue
  3. Find event professionals
  4. Pay all in one place

EventSlice provides examples like birthday parties, graduations, baby showers, and weddings, but it’s not clear who their key target is or where exactly the service is available. They need real examples of people that have successfully used the service. Even though the FAQ page says EventSlice is available in all 50 states, no venue options were available when searching for Seattle, San Francisco, and New York. It sounds like a great service for anyone planning an event, but they need to define and narrow their target customer.


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