Formlabs 3D Printer

Formlabs is positioning itself to be the most affordable way to obtain high quality 3D printing. The company was started by designers and engineers who were frustrated by the high cost, complexity and obscureness of existing 3D printing methods. Through their simple but high-tech Form 1 3D printer, Formlabs is attempting to make 3D printing widely available to designers who need high quality output on a limited budget.

The value proposition of Formlabs is that everything the user needs to create 3D models is provided right out of the box. A demo video shows how easy it is to install the printer and create a model using Formlabs’ included software. The Form 1 printer is compact and has a simple one button interface. Formlabs also includes a finishing station to complete the final steps of the process. The product seems like a great fit for any designer who wants to add 3D printing capabilities without committing too much money, workspace, and learning time.

I feel their website is effective in communicating to their target audience. Formlabs describes their 3D printing solution as “An end-to-end package. Printer, software, and post-processing kit that just works. Right out of the box.” The demo video shows how easy it is to get the Form 1 up and running. The site also promotes the printer’s use of stereolithography, which is the state of the art in 3D printing. From a brief visit to their site, a perspective customer would know that the Form 1 is a simple, all-inclusive 3D printing solution that uses stereolithography to produce high quality models.


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