nearpod – value proposition and positioning

nearpod is positioned as a cloud-based content tool that enriches the classroom experience for teachers and students. Its value proposition consists of

a) Allowing teachers to create presentations and rich media content that can be used in the classroom using the nearpod app

b) Teachers can share and control the content experience on the students’ devices in the classroom using the nearpod app

c) Students can access content and other class related information on the app

d) Teachers can get reports of how the students are doing individually or in aggregate terms in their classroom

It appears that nearpod wants to solve the entire physical classroom with BYOD scenario by attacking the backend content as well as the experience. It think they are a little weak in their CTA on their main webpage but the positioning is well done on “How It Works” page.

With regards to their position itself, while i think it is well done – it is too broad. I think it is good to see them have a full solution. But they will probably do better to pick the experience as their most significant position, and allow other services like dropbox, skydrive, etc to be used in the backend.


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