Ruminating on Roomations

Roomations is a website that enables affordable and easy access to professional interior designers for people who want to improve their home. Customers answer a questionnaire that determines their stylistic sense and provides the designer information about the living space they need help with. They select a tier of service ranging from simply getting a few questions answered to receiving high-fidelity visual representations of the redesigned space as well as a shopping list for making it real.

They position themselves relative to other interior design services as very practical. They market the simplicity of their service as 1-2-3 easy and loudly trumpet universally known retailers on the front page of their website to build immediate relatability. Their efforts to explain the Roomation service are phrased to communicate a clear message: “it just works , you can afford it, and you’ll have no problem doing it.”

The value proposition of Roomations aligns very nicely with their positioning of being results-you-can-see practical. They’re practical in pricing value by being significantly more affordable than traditional services. They’re practical in the value of the products they recommend by making sure they are available from affordable and widely known retailers. They’re practical in the service delivery value by providing photo-realistic sketches of the new room before the customer needs to purchase all the items. This focus on practicality is an excellent method of communicating to their target customer. This customer isn’t interested in paying high prices of luxury brands and isn’t willing to pay a ton of money without being absolutely certain their room is going to look exactly how they want it. They want a practical and accessible service.


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