Sensulin: Once a day insulin giving patients a chance at a normal life

Sensulin is inventing revolutionary glucose-responsive insulin that aims to make life easier for diabetics dependent on insulin. Sensulin can deliver a daily dose of insulin in only one injection.


An insulin-depended diabetic has to take 4 to 6 injections a day before each snack or meal and needs to constantly monitor blood sugar through finger pricks. Sensulin claims that an insulin-dependent diabetic needs to perform over 6000 of above-mentioned procedures a year. Sensulin could reduce the number of procedures by over 75% and therefore make taking insulin significantly easier.


Sensulin presents itself as a developer of a new type of freedom from diabetes. It is positioned as effective, comprehensive, convenient and time saving drug that could fully substitute currently used insulin drugs. The value proposition of Sensulin is the convenient use and time efficiency. I assume that a significant number of insulin-dependent diabetics would greatly appreciate taking only one injection a day instead of the average six injections. Not only this saves a lot of time, it is also very convenient to take only one morning injection without having to worry about carrying insulin injections for the rest of the day.


Sensulin tries to establish partnerships to commercialize its insulin platform. Their website says that they have partnerships with hospitals, universities and research centers. The American Diabetes Association states that 25.8 million children and adults (8.3% of population) have diabetes, which creates a huge market for Sensulin. I wouldn’t say that Sensulin is very successful in communicating to their target customer. They poorly use social media to promote the product and the website is not very easy to get around. At this point, it seems that Sensulin tries to mainly approach pharmaceutical companies and sell its product through them as the website and social media channels do not present the product very well to the end customer.


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