Sleep Care Diagnostics – Full Spectrum Care for Sleep Disorders

Sleep Care Diagnostics is one of the largest sleep diagnostic and treatment centers in the United States. The center provides the full spectrum of care for sleep disorders by Doctors who are highly regarded in the field. Once diagnostics are completed the center offers numerous treatment options, medical devices for treating sleep disorders, training in the use of the devices, and follow up care.

Sleep Care Diagnostics is positioning itself as a leader in the US market providing high quality care, well-appointed facilities, a full spectrum of treatment, and great doctors. They are differentiating themselves by providing a very high level of end to end service for people of all ages with sleep disorders who have the resources – time, money, and a great insurance plan. Since patients must travel, they are also targeting people whose lives have been significantly impacted by a sleep disorder and who are motivated to seek out specialty help away from doctors in their home town.

The value they offer for patients who make the trip to their facility is a cure. Since this is a full service center, after diagnosis the center has the capability to treat just about any sleep disorder, which means that while a visit is time consuming and expensive, patients have a high probability of leaving with a cure or well on their way to being cured.

In terms of communicating to their target customer the center could be doing better. Their website is informative and contains some good information, but it is a little clunky and looks outdated. If their target customer finds their way to the site there is a good chance a potential patient would at least seek additional information. Creating awareness of the center in the first place seems to present the most opportunity for quick improvement. Word of mouth from former patients and doctor referrals to the center would go a long way to improving awareness from their target audience.


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