Sugar Knife Artisan Sweets. Candy for adults.

Positioning Statement: For the adult candy lover, Sugar Knife is a specialty confectioner that delivers alcohol-enhanced sweet tooth satisfaction because only Sugar Knife’s artisan marshmallows are handcrafted with the finest ingredients and top-shelf booze.

Value Proposition: Equally delightful creaming up a cup of rich hot cocoa or melting perfectly in a classic S’more, Sugar Knife’s specialty marshmallows enhance any foodie moment, albeit with a touch of sweetness and a kick!

Sugar Knife Artisan Sweets takes an edgy approach in communicating that its marshmallows are “candy for adults.” With product line names like ‘Lemonage a Trois’ and ‘Hella Frangelica,’ Sugar Knife leaves no doubt that its treats are not meant for the underage. Through its communication, Sugar Knife also establishes itself as a high-end confectioner, whose commitment to producing the best starts with premium ingredients. In one of its signature marshmallows, ‘NOLA Baby,’ Sugar Knife describes the puff, “Experience the deep chicory flavor of Cafe Du Monde Coffee and French Quarter Praline liqueur, peppered with little bits of my legendary bacon brittle.” There is also an indication that Sugar Knife is trying to take advantage of seasonal uptake in confection consumption, with the production of it’s ‘Happy Holidaze’ marshmallow, ready to ship this winter.

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