is a high end online boutique store for designer furniture and home decor. Their market is the interior designers world, where customization and originality of pieces are primary requirements. DesignPass aims to be a start-up vertical social network platform aiming to fill the gap between social network and e-commerce within the design and architecture world. It caters to interior designers in the UK, Italy and some other locations in Europe, especially in the residential and hospitality interior and outdoor furnishing. It provides support in creating furniture packages and interior design concepts, and the coordination required for all the procurement (sourcing of design pieces, building materials) and delivery phases. Positioning Statement: DesignPass is a passport to have the greatest design, both for the retail and for the trade. They believe their differentiators are

1) They travel with manufacturers extensively to procure the right pieces in terms of compliance with quality standards and design concepts; they list the best brands for their quality, design and craftsmanship. Their facebook page states that “We only carry authentic pieces, and deliver them worldwide. Sourcing the best manufacturers in Europe, we carry only original pieces that bear their brand.”

2) They assure white glove assistance in customization and service. Their products are highly customizable in colors and finish (fabrics or woods) chosen by the client. They even provide a COM/COL option for most of the products, to bring customization to the higher level. They also provide online sales for the retail client.

Also they aim to create a hybrid distribution channel for high end furniture, with the presence of inspiration centers in the major cities of the world and a complete catalog available on line.

It is not clear from their website or facebook page on what exactly their positioning statement is, and how it is different from other boutique interior design firms. It is also not immediately clear who their target market is, wealthy clients designing their homes, or interior designers who work with these clients. Even though its procurement and customization philosophy does sound unique enough for a startup, it does not come through strongly in their positioning statement. It needs to focus on these two elements in the opening paragraphs of its website/brochures/other promotional materials and also provide an indication about the cost of services.


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