Haiku Deck: Market Analysis


Haiku Deck is a free iPad app which automatically matches text with Creative Commons images or allows users to easily input their own photos, screenshots or charts to create beautiful presentations that are NOT boring. The Haiku Decks, created on an iPad in a few minutes, can be viewed on a tablet, mobile devices or PC. They also can be exported to Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote. Haiku Deck also includes the ability to add charts, graphs and bulleted or numbered lists of up to five items. There’s also new ways to edit images that the user uploads.

Their target market seems to be people whose motivations towards using tablets is evolving from content consumption to content creation. Early adopters include entrepreneurs who are always pitching, marketing types who are telling stories and creating narratives for brands, leaders/organizers who are promoting a movement, teachers/students who want to deliver impact. Currently it has a broad range of customers, from sales and marketing people who use the app to win clients and forge partnerships, to realtors who use it to win listings, to lawyers who use it at trial, to teachers and students, to small business owners and entrepreneurs who use it to pitch ideas, to speakers, leaders, and community organizers.
Since the app is free, Haiku Deck plans to make money by selling premium design templates. It also may add premium images over time, or professional services. Possibly they are planning to offer style packs and add-ons for cost in the future, but the core app is free.

It lists competitors as PowerPoint and Keynote, but according the CEO neither are beloved because “they don’t make you a better designer” . Prezi also is a possible rival, but they are a Web only platform and Haiku’s approach is different because they bring “radical simplicity” and “flawless beauty”- two elements required of great presentations. The app currently has 300,000 downloads. The company is focused on the product for now and hasn’t dialed in a monetization strategy yet. Down the road, Haiku Deck hopes to make money via content sold through the app, as well as premium services. They’re also partnering with publishing companies like Slideshare. Right now, users have the option to buy additional themes for $1.99 via in-app purchases past the five included free templates.


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