ActiveReplay -Redefining the active sport experience

Activereplay is a company designing sensors to monitor and record your movements in active sports such as skateboarding, surfing, roller blading, etc. The company is currently in the process of raising one million dollars. Their product, called Trace, uses inertial sensors to accurately record your position and movements and then uploads them to a mobile application where you can check your values and compare and complete against friends and other people around the world.

From a marketing standpoint Activereplay is unique in that they don’t have a traditional website as a focal point for their message. However, Activereplay does have a strong presence in many social media applications including Facebook and Twitter. The company also is featured in a few active sports online blogs including

Surprisingly, Activereplay’s Facebook page directs visitors to its parent company, which was founded by the current Activereplay CEO, called Alpinereplay. On this site, visitors can sign up for email alerts for products and updates about future promotional offers. When I tried this, I was send a confirmation email about their products and a few links to current promotions.

In my opinion, Activereplay’s customer acquisition strategy is definitely inbound. Using Twitter and Facebook they appear to be reaching out to active sports people on their chosen social communication channels as opposed to traditional websites which might not be used by people who would purchase their products. I am honestly a little confused why the current CEO seems to be linking his old company, Alpinereplay with Activereplay, however, maybe he is thinking there are crossover customers for the products and creating this link will further strengthen his inbound marketing campaign for Activereplay.

The only small amounts of outbound marketing I could find were in online sports magazines, but these seemed very small in comparison to the amount of inbound marketing the company is currently pursuing.


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