Want to make it big in the Music industry? Do it with Oneloudr

Oneloudr is a collaborative platform for independent musicians that helps them from creation to sale. Musicians collaborate for free with other musicians around the world. They share the profits from the sale of their music, and gain exposure from their combined social reach. Artists can easily form “virtual bands” and sell their work together. Oneloudr takes a percentage from each sale, and offers premium membership services for secure storage of music and copyright management.

The beta version has about 450 artists today and Oneloudr is providing a new model for artists to enter a $7 Bi/year industry.

Oneloudr is targeting musicians worldwide, especially the younger demographic, who are interested in creating music and showcasing their talent to the world but lack the resources to do so. Oneloudr not only helps artists from different places to collaborate and record, but helps them procure license, distribute and gain exposure.

Marketing is mostly inbound today. They have videos, live recordings on Youtube and are using social media to promote themselves. They are enticing artists by offering a free membership i.e. when one artist signs up and pulls in 3 other artists to form a band. Once a song/album is recorded, the band members would want to showcase their work on social platforms such as Facebook. This would not only increase the visibility of their work but also increase Oneloudr’s presence via viral marketing.



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