TwitMusic-Social web music platform.

TwitMusic is very Twitter specific. This product is aiming to build an ecosystem for the music artists and their fans. For music artists, when they  set up twitter accounts, they can upload and share any demo of their new songs. This platform enable the share become the instant sharing social network based on music. Twitter users can comment on under the uploaded tracks, follow them, love them and share the links with their friends. If fans love the demo, they can choose to buy them through iTunes.

TwitMusic targeted an unique group of users. However, they could be very accurate about the needs of this group of users. They build a more efficiency and active platform for the young talent artists. This platform use the nature of social network- share to arm the artists. Fans group is the second group of users for this network. They can actively listen to free songs, comments, share and discover new tracks!

Basically, TwitMusic use inbound marketing method. The main users acquisition method for TwitMusic is generate meaning content through Twitter to attract targeted users. The mission of TwitMusic is to connect artists to their listeners. At the same time, it’s quick and real time feedback. Artists can really benefit from the speedy responds from their fans. 

Artists distribution



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